We Invite you to pitch your idea and technology in front of VC’s partners, investors, decision makers, and other techies.

For its 4th year, the SilicoNegev Conference is hosting its Startup Pitch Competition, providing startups with the platform to pitch their innovative solution, idea or technology to a captivated audience of industry professionals and revered investors.



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What’s the Timeline

March 21st

Registration Closed

March 28th

Semi-finalists will be announced 

April 6th

Semi Finals

April 19th

Finalists will be announced

May 21st

Top Startup Pitch Competition 

The winner   takes it all


Headquartered in the Negev (Between Eilat and Kiryat-Gat)

All Verticals Accepted

Seed Stage


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for 2017 winner:

Consis Medical

Consis Medical is a medical device company, devoted for the development of novel, single-use and self-propelled endoscopes.

The company's first product offers the next-generation solution for colonoscopies. Its novel technology enables colorectal professionals to perform examinations in a much more pleasant manner, while providing the clinic with a simple and cost-effective setup.

Consis Medical raised double the amount of money from the Israeli Innovation Authority, following the SilicoNegev investment. 


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Consis Medical

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for 2018  winner:

Green-eye Technology

Green-eye uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the current pest control process in


The challenge in our domain is to autom

atically identify weeds from drones at a very early stage (1 inch tall). 

Over the past year, Green-eye has built the largest database of weeds in the world (cataloged images)which enable our algorithms to perform high-level of accuracy using machine learning technology.


is the only company in the world who can identify weeds from drones at the species level.

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Green -Eye Technology

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for 2019 winner:


Zuta-Core has developed technology for cooling electronics. The company's vacuum-based contact cooling (VBCC) technology offers phase-change cooling without the pitfalls of pressurized gas.

VBCC cools heatsink-chip interfaces to any desired temperature, is ambient-temperature independent, and requires only power without additional infrastructure. In addition, the VBCC coolant is dielectric, nontoxic, and nonflammable.


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